The poster presentation will take place on Friday, April 21 between 17:10 and 19:00 hrs.


Poster boards are 2m high and 1m wide. In order to ensure maximum readability, we recommend that you prepare your posters DIN A0 or US ArchE format.

In case a referee has requested an abstract to be updated before publication in the conference book, the abstract will only be printed if we receive your updated files latest March 17.
Otherwise we will distribute a photocopy of the abstract with the program booklet.

The following posters have been accepted for presentation:

13Abdallah, Houda BenThe electronic structure and chemical bounding mechanism of In6S7 compounds
117Benam, MohammadrezaTheoretical studies of the effect of Ti,Zr and Hf impurities on ...
77Bertoni, GiovanniQuantifying experimental results using EELSMODEL: accuracy and precision
100Boucher, FlorentElectron energy-loss spectra calculations and experiments as a tool for the identification of a lamellar C$_{3}$N$_{4}$ compound.
39Boulahya, KhalidMicrostructural characterization of new phases in the Sr-Co-Ta-O system.
93Bursik, JiriAnalytical electron microscopy of Ni-Al-W alloys
43Cák, MiroslavAb initio study of magnetism in rhodium
61Calmels, LionelAn ab-initio and experimental EELS investigation of alloying effects in TiCxN1-x
17Chaput, LaurentCalculation of transport properties for thermoelectric materials
141Cottenier, StefaanMagnetic Exchange Interactions in Magnetite
21Divis, MartinMagnetic properties of NdNi$_{2}$B$_{2}$C from first principles calculations
24Ducati, CaterinaNitrogen in highly crystalline multiwall carbon nanotubes
25Ducati, CaterinaTitanium oxide fullerenoids
38Eisebitt, StefanImaging Magnetic Nanostructures by Dichroic X-Ray Holography
28Fronzoni, GiovannaX-Ray absorption spectroscopy of alkaline-earth and transition metal oxides by Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
118Galek, Tomasz JakubAb initio study of metal induced gap states at Si/Al interface
82Gao, ShangpengELNES simulation based on the plane wave pseudopotential method: theory and application
63Gemming, SibylleAtomistic Structure of Grain Boundaries Determined by First-principles Calculations and Quantitative TEM
83Hamon, Ann-LenaigFEM potentialities for ab initio computations
11Hofmann, KathrinStructure determination of boride carbides via calculated and experimental ELNES
80Houserova, JanaAb initio Calculations of the Cr-based Laves Phases
107Hug, GillesElectronic structure of V$_2$AsC and Nb$_2$AsC and classification of the $MAX$ phases
22Kana, TomasTransformation paths between the ideal C11b, C40 and C54 structures in MoSi2
109Keast, Vicki JaneDFT Calculations in Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS): The low-loss part of the spectrum and optical properties
67Kravtsova, Antonina NikolaevnaNanosize effect on the electronic structure of AlN: X-ray absorption and DFT study
68Kravtsova, Antonina NikolaevnaStudy of SrTiO3(001)/(SrTiO3)m(LaAlO3)n Layered Heterostructures by Energy Loss Near Edge Structure Spectroscopy
56Lamoen, DirkStructure re nement from rst principles and electron di raction: Ni4Ti3 precipitates in NiTi
57Lamoen, DirkTemperature effect on the electronic and optical properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon.
32Le Bossé, Jean-ClaudeAngular dependence of EELS spectra: cases of trichroism
87Legut, DominikMagnetism and ideal tensile strength in Ni3Al and Fe3Al
78Levine, Zachary H.Multiple Scattering Theory and Transmission Electron Tomography
12Lin, Jyh ShingElectronic properties of adsorbed InN on both TiO2 rutile (110) and anataze (101) Surfaces
94Luo, WeidongOrbital-occupancy Ordering in Doped CaMnO$_3$
81McGilvery, Catriona MELNES as a Tool to Understanding the Chemistry of Interfaces in High-k Gate Stacks
99Müller, Jens-OliverCarbon Hybridization Determination in Soot and Carbon Black
135 Pongratz, Peter Simulation of LACBED patterns of STI Structures for the Measurement of Strain in ULSI Devices
70Razzitte, Adrian CesarThe electronic and magnetic properties of Ni3Fe and Fe3Ni alloys
98Rother, AxelAb-initio simulation of the object exit wave of ferroelectrics
41Rubel, OlegAnnealing-induced exchange in nearest-neighbor atomic configurations of (GaIn)(NP) semiconductor alloys
84Scheerschmidt, Kurt EBond order potentials to include charge densities in TEM image interpretation
30Schowalter, MarcoAb initio computation of 002 structure factors for electron scattering in strained InGaAs
58Schuster, CosimaElectronic structure calculations of YBCO/metal interfaces
64Siegel, Agata MariaPhase diagram of AlN from ab initio calculations
60Spessot, AlessioCharacterization of Displacement Field in patterned nanostructures by TEM/CBED
37Stoyanov, EmilCr L3 electron energy loss near-edge structures of Cr-bearing compounds: comparison between experiment and computation
31Tatsumi, KazuyoshiDetection and high spatial resolution mapping of hydrogen in iron carbide systems
44Titantah, John TatiniFirst-principles characterization of amorphous carbon nitride systems
45Titantah, John TatiniElectronic and bonding structure of amorphous carbon and hydrogenated amorphous carbon: ELNES/XANES calculations and sp3 bond fraction quantification
66Verbeeck, JoInterpreting Energy Filtered Diffraction Holography Experiments
73Warot-Fonrose, BenedicteAccurate angular resolved EELS using the energy spectrum imaging technique
55Wdowik, Urszula DanutaLattice dynamics and electronic structure of cobaltous oxide
113Willinger, Marc-GeorgInvestigation of vanadium oxide based catalysts by a combined DFT/TEM approach
101Zanolli, ZeilaInAs with wurtzite crystel structure: full-potential and pseudopotential ab-initio calculations
23Zeleny, Martin Ab initio study of Ni and Co thin films on (111) metallic substrates
27Zheng, Jin-ChengTowards a new quantitative probing tool...

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