Vienna is the city of the Habsburgs, including Sisi and Franz Josef, of Sigmund Freud and of the Lipizzaners. It is the city of famous scientists like Erwin Schrödinger, Wolfgang Pauli, Ernst Mach, Ludwig Boltzmann and today's scientists like Anton Zeilinger.

Vienna hosts several hundred museums, many of them featuring famous artists like Klimt and Schiele. Every evening there are concerts and performances, operas and musicals in the Vienna state opera, the Konzerthaus, the Musikverein, the Künstlerhaus, many theaters and other places.

It is easy to spend many days full of new impressions in Vienna.

The weather in Vienna in April averages between 6 and 15 Celcius, 6 hours of sunshine and 40mm precipitation (13 wet days). So you better bring your umbrella.

Access to the City Center from the Airport

For information how to get to Vienna, please visit the following link
Vienna Airport Information

Social Programme

Conference Dinner

Greifenstein The conference dinner will take place on Saturday 22nd April on Greifenstein Castle featuring a knight's dinner moderated by Max de Vime. Transportation will be organised directly from the conference site.

Strauss City Walk (optional)

Dr. Eduard
Strauss On Sunday right after the conference ends, you have the rare opportunity to join a city walk guided by Eduard Strauss, descendant of the Strauss Family, showing you places in the city center related to the history of the Strauss Dynasty. While walking from site to site, you will be presented with music from his family and comments from the family member himself.

Price: € 20,-
Duration: approx. 2 hours

If you are interested in this Strauss City Walk please send your interest to the conference office, as there is only a limited number of participants possible!!!!

DFTEM 2006 - bringing together two communities
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This conference is organized by the association Physicae et chimicae solidorum amici in cooperation with the Institute of Materials Chemistry and the Institute for Solid State Physics of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

with support of Wien Kultur, the bm:bwk, EMS and FEI company