International Conference on
Applied Density Functional Theory
January 14-17, 2001

dedicated to Karlheinz Schwarz
on occasion of his 60th birthday

Honorary Chairman: Walter Kohn

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January 14
January 15
January 16
January 17


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Review of the last day
January 17, 2001

Roberto Car vividly demonstrates dynamical processes

Samir Matar on B:N:C ternary systems

Pavel Korzhavyi on phase stabilities in TiC

Tetsuya Yamamoto on materials design of p-type ZnO

Tomoyasu Aihara on storing hydogen in intermetallic compounds

Helena Petrilli on FeAl phase diagrams

Peter Blöchl chairing the afternoon session

Erich Wimmer on the impact of DFT on industrial research

Peter Puschnig finding electro-optical applications for conjugated polymers

Xavier Rocquefelte studies Lithium batteries

Karlheinz Schwarz giving the closing remarks to this conferene

Joachim Luitz giving thanks to the organizers

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