International Conference on
Applied Density Functional Theory
January 14-17, 2001

dedicated to Karlheinz Schwarz
on occasion of his 60th birthday

Honorary Chairman: Walter Kohn

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January 14
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January 16
January 17


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Review of the third day
January 16, 2001
60th Birthday of Karlheinz Schwarz

Peter Blöchl giving us insight into the dielectric breakdown

Pierre Carrier speaking about electronic and optical properties

Klaus Hermann wishes Happy Birthday using his BALSAC program

Pavel Novak on magnetite

Claudia Felser finds new compounds with colossal magnetoresistance

Delphine Cabaret simulates X-ray spectra using various methods

Karlheinz chairs the afternoon session

David Singh and his band structure view

Blanka Magyari-Köpe on perovskites

Volker Eyert about embedded Peierls instability

Mojomir Sob transforms bcc into fcc

Various snapshots from the dinner party:

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With Density Functional Theory into the 3rd Millenium ...